10 Things Short Haired Girls Know

A fun descriptive about Women and their hair journeys, yes….even….me. Protection, warmth, sensory function: hair has evolved more for social purposes and or religious beliefs. Hair also can be symbolic of life changes or transitions as seen in “Napily Ever After”. However we we wear our hair, the way in which we wear our hair…

Pinkberry Nice Cream

Ok, so there is no such thing as Pinkberries. But there should be according to this recipe. I won’t comment much on the last 72 hours of my life, let alone the last year but I will serve you up a nice cool treat you can enjoy in this heat. (Sorry if you’re in another…

Apple Pie Pancakes

I have a post for you today friends. What better way to return than with a post for “Pancake Sunday”. I have been under the weather, a smooth way of saying Laryngitis. For those of you who may know me in real life, taking a round of antibiotics is something I’d do everything to prevent….

Papaya Boats

What has been called the fruit of angels by Christoper Columbus, papaya is so good for you and has been known to aid in digestion and promote wellness and weight-loss. I eat it when I’m hungry and want a juicy treat.

Cacao Maca Latte

If you’re like me with a busy life, often times you forget your coffee because you’re pulled away in different directions (literally four) to do something else. Eventually you find it somewhere under a chair cold (maybe this is just me;I don’t own a coffee table minimalist life bla bla bla). Or when I brew…

Millennial Workflow for Potty Training

So, each kid is different right. Adjust your strategy and targeted energy based on what cues your kid is putting out. I knew my kid was ready, when he started handing me a diaper to change him.

Not an Oatmeal Cookie, Nicecream Sandwiches

Ok this is going to be a quick one. Make Nice Cream. See: Nicecream recipe.  Make Not Oatmeal Cookies. See: I Can’t Believe it’s Not a Cookie, Oatmeal Cookie.    Combine and eat fast, Gordito. I see you.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Cookie, Vegan Oatmeal Cookie. 

These are a delicious earthy biscuit of a cookie. This isn’t considered your classic Nabisco knock off. The are still soft, but have a nice chunkiness to them. I made them specifically for nicecream sandwiches! If you’re interested in taking up a snack, thats more like a breakfast or a meal packed with protein this…