Millenial Work Flow For Handling Diarrhea

Ok ya’ll* if this topic is TMI, move on. But if you want the low down, on how a millennial handles moments of gastric distress keep reading.

*You can take a girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl. Ok, so I only technically lived there 4 years, but can deploy this trait on a whim.

Thursday night, went out. I won’t mention where, because it was probably an anomaly but what I ate was supposedly vegan, in the end who knows. I shared the same plate with Miguel- mysteriously I was affected he was left unscathed.

Fast forward, I ended with diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and reflux all Friday. On a scale form 1-10 it was about a 6, so take that as you will.

Did I load up on pepto bismol, perhaps to feel better? Absolutely not. Did I take something to stop the diarehea- hell no. It’s coming out for a reason.

I did do the following:

  1. Did number 2, upon waking.
  2. Did #2 again, (20 mins later after doing #2 the first time).
  3. Drank some lemon water on an empty stomach, then had a fennel tea.
  4. Ate a light breakfast mainly starch,  I avoid all things complicated.
  5. Felt nauseous and told my family I felt nauseous. This is essential. They need to know my leash is short today, and any unnecessary foolishness is subject to being cussed out. Ok ya’ll I’m just joking here, I wouldn’t cuss out any babies. Miguel is a different story.
  6. Celebrated the fact that I don’t eat animals, because consumption would have only contributed to the inflammation presented. There are no debates here people, remember this is plant lifestyle hybrid site, if you don’t agree, Girl Bye.
  7. Did not eat lunch.
  8. Vomited.
  9. Drank a class of water, and baking soda aka sodium bicarbonate to settle this ish once and for all.
  10. Vomited again, and immediately felt better.
  11. Luckily was home, so I lingered around the house, doing much of nothing.
  12. Ate some crackers, drank plenty of fluids including coconut water, don’t forget the fluids people.
  13. Celebrated the arrival of my male hero with Saccharomyces boulardii packets from the pharmacy, if you ask for Perenterol they will understand you. Locally this is sold without prescription.
  14. Drank more fluids.
  15. Laid in bed pretending I was still feeling bad, dreaming on and off. I will not pass up on the opportunity to let papa lead the night routine. Hats off to papa, who did the nighttime routine whole heartedly.
  16. Got up at 10pm, starving and slathered raw peanut butter on a tortilla and went to bed.
  17. Woke up Saturday, 85% better. I had to fake it a little.


Disclaimer- in the event you run into a similar conundrum, and experience symptoms that indicate violent vomiting or dehydration please do not hesitate to contact your primary care physician. I do not have any doctor training. I am however a hippie heart that can remedy up quick results, and oh I’m a mom, a millennial mom.


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