Vegan Banana Bread

So I had a craving.  Yummy delicious banana bread, I adapted this recipe from the Baking Fairy!

Really my motive was to have something to pair with the delicious nicecream I made earlier in the day for the kids. So lets turn up.

Start your dry bowl, combine the following ingredients. I sift, if you sift, sift.

1.5 C flour

1 Tsp baking soda

½ Tsp salt

1 Tsp cinnamon

Do your flax egg, and melt the butter now.

Flax egg

¼ C vegan butter

Start your wet bowl here.

3 Ripe bananas, I used several mini ones that we have here in Panama.

½ C of your choice sweetener, adjust based on your preference

2 Tsp pure vanilla extract

If you want to be extra this is where you would do it, (nutmeg, anise, cloves they go here).

Include the flax egg with in that bowl.  

Line your bread mold with parchment paper, no one greases bowls anymore girl it’s just too much work. Easiest method is to measure out how much you need crumble it into a paper ball, unravel and lay it out.

Bake 375/ 50 mins. Don’t forget to set the timer like I did otherwise you will bake it too fast too soon and have to turn down the heat and use a foil tent to prevent further burning. Luckily these guys were smothered in heaps of nicecream so no one knew otherwise.

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