About Me

Hi, I’m Crystal millennial mom of 3. Partner to Miguel. Living the past decade in Panama.

They say home is where the heart is, I’ve got 5 here. My Spanish speaking has never been expert level, but I survive and adapt and it’s a hella humbling experience.

I’m a researcher. From baby whispering, to sleep training.  Organic to vegetarian. Minimalist, sustainable life, and self introspection. I try to reduce the “extra” in my life to strip away what’s plagued past generations failures.  I’ve made it my life’s mission to observe, learn, and seek information to improve the quality of my life and others leveraging the technology in which I was raised on as my saber.

I grew up lower middle class to an immigrant mom, and a military father. I’ve only always had 1 resource to count on. Internet. My life has only been one big experiment to find peace. Peace in health, feelings, family and nature.

Won’t you read along with me, to see the areas in which I focus on and maybe find a few ways you can cut corners in your own life.


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