10 Things Short Haired Girls Know

A fun descriptive about Women and their hair journeys, yes….even….me.

Protection, warmth, sensory function: hair has evolved more for social purposes and or religious beliefs. Hair also can be symbolic of life changes or transitions as seen in “Napily Ever After”. However we we wear our hair, the way in which we wear our hair tells a story about what we’ve seen and who we chose to be.

My life with short hair has been short lived. Done with much thought and intention, I move on to the next chapter of my life Regrowth.

I’d like to commemorate this stage of my life by detailing some scientific findings that every short hair knows. Obviously it’s not scientific …duh. But still… fun.

#1. No umbrella? No problem. Rain or shine, ready to run in the sun or dance in muddy puddles. A short haired girl doesn’t worry about the weather. They aren’t worried about their blower, or concerned with frizz. They are always ready to go and unstoppable.

#2. Brush in hand? Blowdryer? I think not. Fresh fruit and strong coffee are always within arms reach of a short haired girl. You see… because they aren’t chained to a salon chair or preplanning hair appointments, short haired girls have time to research topics that are good for them and that fructose is made in the brain and fueled by fruit, and before they start any day… coffee please #bae.

#3. What’s behind the curtain? Hidden behind the “locks”, “face framing” are not luxuries for a short haired girl. Clear as day before anything else- you will see the long necklines, elongated jaws and even the funny shaped ears FIRST. The point is short haired girls know they can’t hide behind any beautiful styling. Their appeal will come from who they are and what they say and do, rather what they may or may not look like.

#4. When bosses are in town or an important meeting scheduled, they understand the time and effort needed to tend and “fix” long locks of hair. Short haired girls understand the sacrifices made on haircare. Knowing this, they too mourn the loss of cutting theirs. In spite of this, they honor this “time back” and reinvest it into focusing on other areas of their life. For starters their hearts, minds, friends and families.

#5. Having resigned from endless hours of treatment spent on hair, short haired girls are on the lower spectrum of the vanity scale. They live deeply. Ok, this is a lie. I’m sure there are some shitty short haired girls out there, but I don’t know any of them and they aren’t worth mentioning. Equally so, I know many long haired girls who aren’t vain and comparably deep. 🙂

#6. Statement earrings, and headbands. Shorthair girls know the value of accessorizing. Day look to night in seconds. Take that #vogue.

#7. Because time is money and money is time- you should spend it on things that feed your soul little mama. Short haired girls save money on hair products, and even less shampoo. All of which can be redirected to more important things in life, for example: Avocados. Those sure do feed my soul. #plantlife.

#8. Plowing the field, sowing the seeds, tending the weeds, new growth, harvest and clearing the field. Short haired girls understand patience and lifecycles. There are no magical watches. With every end is a beginning, and every beginning an end. Short haired girls understand time and GROWTH. Find a path, invest in your goddamn selves and work the fucking field. Tend and mend your goddamn land. Put the work in. There are no shortcuts. You cannot cut the line Becky.

#9. Shorthaired girls are brave. They know what it’s like to be naked in public. They see long beautiful hair and sometimes miss theirs. Long haired women see short hair and sometimes wonder, what it’s like. Short hair girls take the plunge and know forever. Then are changed for life… (even if they grow it out again). Short hair girls understand the lessons, and accept them head on.

#10. Last but not least. Hair Grows Back. I repeat HAIR GROWS BACK. Genetics & culture can influence the hair you wear. However there are tints and dyes, treatments and styles. You can have it anyway you want. Platinum blonde, ruby red, pixie or californian balayage. Short haired girls know the power of hair and how they can flex and exercise that strength by not having any at all. So you better go call becky with the good hair.

“Short haired girls know the power of hair and how they can flex and exercise that strength by not having any at all.”

Crystal Hair de Hermoso-

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