Pinkberry Nice Cream

Ok, so there is no such thing as Pinkberries. But there should be according to this recipe. I won’t comment much on the last 72 hours of my life, let alone the last year but I will serve you up a nice cool treat you can enjoy in this heat. (Sorry if you’re in another…

Millennial Workflow for Potty Training

So, each kid is different right. Adjust your strategy and targeted energy based on what cues your kid is putting out. I knew my kid was ready, when he started handing me a diaper to change him.

Mommy vent disguised as a “how to” Veggie Bath

So I haven’t given my blog any love. I’ll be honest this is a de-stress IDGAF write. This is a so not concerned with pleasing readership at this point, because frankly there isn’t any kind of write. This past week has been hectic. I’ve been all full mommy mode and having been away from my…

Easy Lemon Pancakes (VEGAN)

1.25 C of Flour (I used organic non bleached artisanal flour, use what you have) 1tsp of Salt (I eyed it) 1/2 C  or less of a preferred sweetener (I also eyed this) Lemon Zest ( I used half a lemon-1 lemon, I squeezed the lemon into it as well, yes I abuse) Combine ingredients above….

Year of the Dog

For those not aware, it’s year of the Dog ya’ll. Chinese New Year papa. My family isn’t Chinese. Although I’m 1/2 filipino, I hardly think that counts. Approximately 3.8 million people in the U.S. are of Chinese ancestry. Here in Panama, roughly 6% of the population are Chinese as taken from the census in 2010. This…