Pressure Cooker Summer Veggie Pasta

This is a go-to recipe for dinner in my house that my family loves.  I grate the veggies because it’s an easy way to sneak in nutrients that no one ever notices.  If you’re familiar with 2 year olds, anything green often weirds them out. I know there are a lot of vegan 2 year olds out there doing their thing with no problem, so shout out to all of their parents on a job well done! #Parentgoals. But until then, my angels are getting grated in veggies everywhere.

Please feel free to substitute whatever vegetables you like or with a nice chop, but grating them is key for all those picky eaters.

1-2 Zucchini yellow or green, you pick (grated)

1 Eggplant (grated)

6 Mini portobellos sliced and diced (or however many you like)

1/4 Onion sliced or diced (your preference)

2-4 Cloves of garlic (most recipes never call for enough)

1 package of pasta- (I use Felicetti Biologica, 1.1lb in animals/bowtie shapes)

1 Box of vegetable broth low sodium 32oz

Salt & Pepper to taste

4 spoons of your favorite vegan cream cheese (I use tofurtti chives and onions)

As you begin your prep work, turn the pressure cooker to saute mode to prevent delays. Go for the the garlic and onions first, they go into the pot first and get a nice saute going before you dump in the veggies.

Grate all the vegetables and toss into the pot. Toss in the pasta, pour the vegetable broth in to where it’s comfortably covered. I used almost the entire box. Include whatever salt or pepper here, you can also do bay leaves, or some like mustard and vegan butter.

Turn off saute mode, put into manual at 4 mins close and lock lid and seal. Once the timer sounds, do a quick release and turn off. Open lid, and do a few stirs to incorporate all the liquid. It may look like a lot, but after a few stirs, it will be fine. This is the part where I add in the “cream cheese”.

I usually serve this buffet style on the table because the kids often go in for seconds.

If you have any feedback to the recipe hit me up,  I’d love to here from you!

Adulting Hack #1- Pressure Cooker

Miguel and I were having a conversation the other day, and were unsurprised to find out that we both, since childhood have been obsessively analyzing how to do everyday tasks/chores more efficiently. Obviously if you vacuum a house or sweep, naturally you will be more efficient at it. However, we scrutinize how to improve random tasks. Such as putting on a t-shirt, washing hands, meal prep. This constant need for efficiency or improvement is not exclusive to us or any novel idea, but it has resulted in what I think our generation calls the modern day “hack.”

My first adulting hack I’d like to share with you is the Electric Pressure Cooker. This isn’t my hack per se, ( I didn’t invent it) but it’s a hack I and several others use to make every day adulting, or parenting that much easier.

It works just like a normal pressure cooker, but uses electricity. So the volatile awareness that pressure cookers blow your head off, is a bit lessened here. You could probably still blow your head off, but if your read the handy dandy manual and join a few FB groups you will prevent any mis-steps and be on your way to expert level 1000. You can also reach out to me through DM, and I’ll be happy to walk you through on how to use one.

So here goes the “why”: I dump the food in, I press a few buttons, it cooks, it turns off, and defaults to the warm setting on its own. Standing above the hot stove,  babysitting. You free up all that time to do the stuff that matters to you or them. Like taking a shower, making coffee, or drinking your coffee hiding in the shower so your kids can’t find you.  Whatever it is you like to do, it’s your time!

You may be asking yourself, “how is this any different than the crock pot?”  Bottom line, cooking time. I will illustrate below:

Rolled Oats- 12 mins, White Rice- 7 mins, Brown Rice-  22 mins, Steamed Veggies- 4 mins, Lentils- 35 mins, Sweet Potatoes- 17 mins, Pasta- 4 mins. Aaaand the list goes on…

As a working mother of 3, healthy & fresh eating has never been easier. After my 2nd child, I stumbled upon this hack from my Bay Area Mommies Group from California (shout out to the great mamas who share great advice there) and never looked back.

If you don’t own one, do. Invest the $100+ in this home appliance, and realize for yourself how easy it is to prepare wholesome food for your family. Buying this appliance however will not guarantee you will eat better. But we can write another post about that later.

Edit: I’ve included a some sites to get your inspired here 20+ Instant Pot Vegan Recipes


I am in no way affiliated with Instant Pot, nor do I get paid to advertise for them.

A girl can dream tho… 

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