I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Cookie, Vegan Oatmeal Cookie. 

These are a delicious earthy biscuit of a cookie. This isn’t considered your classic Nabisco knock off. The are still soft, but have a nice chunkiness to them. I made them specifically for nicecream sandwiches! If you’re interested in taking up a snack, thats more like a breakfast or a meal packed with protein this…

Easy Lemon Pancakes (VEGAN)

1.25 C of Flour (I used organic non bleached artisanal flour, use what you have) 1tsp of Salt (I eyed it) 1/2 C  or less of a preferred sweetener (I also eyed this) Lemon Zest ( I used half a lemon-1 lemon, I squeezed the lemon into it as well, yes I abuse) Combine ingredients above….