Papaya Boats

I’m trying to detox from all the overindulging and snacking I partook in over the holiday weekend.  I know its bad when my body starts craving sugar, and unhealthy foods. Although we were able to keep it pretty good, all the cooked food, and less all the nutrient dense stuff  has this girl feeling without energy. I’m going to focus on greens and insert Papaya Boats.

Apparently this is something the Hawaiians having been keen to for a while, and I’m just now getting to in my 32 years of living.

Some people are into papaya some people aren’t. Yes there is a smell but like all things good for you, you learn to look pass the factors you don’t like. Insert Limon!

If you’re not a fan of papaya, give it a squeeze of limon, (lime) and get over yourself.

What has been called the “fruit of angels” by Christopher Columbus, papaya is so good for you and has been known to aid in digestion and promote wellness and weight-loss. I eat it when I’m hungry and want a juicy treat.

These are super easy to make and you can even set up a buffet for the kids.

Include toppings like:

  • Walnuts
  • Granola
  • Coconut
  • Chia Seeds
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Vegan yogurts if you wish
  • Drizzles of Agave

Whatever you want, just do it. Put down the donut and get yourself something nourishing that you know is going to be impactful to you health.

Bliss Ball v1.0

Ok, so the lunch ideas are failing. Logan has be coming home at 4pm having survived off peanuts and  crackers.

He refuses to eat cold pasta, or beans and rice. According to the mommy group, there is  an alleged microwave, I lack interest in raising the issue.

I’ll leave the up to all the other super mamas out there.

So we’re back to the drawing board.

1.5 C of rolled oats

7 large Medjool Dates

Pinches of coconut ( let’s not complicate this)

1 Tablespoon or less of cacao ( I did less, have mercy on his teachers)

1 Tablespoon of nut-butter (the nut allergy phenomenon isn’t alive in Panama, so nuts can be brought to school)

I included orange zest  this time- I wanted to be extra.

Pulse these lovelies in the processor now. Roll into balls. Add droplets of water if it’s too dry and balls don’t ball up. Makes approx. 12- depending on size. You could double up the recipe if you want it to last more than a day or two. 

This recipe was a complete failure for my picky eater who brought them back barely untouched. He explained he did eat them, he nibbled on the edges. My 2 year old however devoured them. Can’t win them all.

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