Millennial Workflow for Potty Training

2/3 kids officially potty trained! Time to put that one up on the mommy board.  But whose keeping count anyways right?

I am. I am keeping count. I’m over changing diapers. I have years in this, and will be satisfied once I can put all this behind me. One left to go, one left to go….

So, each kid is different right. Adjust your strategy and targeted energy based on what cues your kid is putting out. I knew my kid was ready, when he started handing me a diaper to change him. Not all signs will be this apparent, but keep a look out.

Also know, each child learns at their own speed.

For example:

Child #1 picked up potty training fast, but often had night time accidents. As a matter of fact, he had one last night.

Child #2 has taken his time, but the few nights we forgot to put a pull up on, he surprisingly didn’t wet the bed.

See the following workflow below, as a guide for your sanity. Nothing more nothing less.

  1. Buy underwear, let them pick it out. Some parents even buy a book with a cute story about potty. I must not be one of those parents.
  2. Pick a long weekend in, and start from there. The new #netflixandchill papa.
  3. Choose your hardware: seat adapter, stand alone potty, (sometimes you waste money buying both because one doesn’t work ::sigh:: )
  4. Begin conversations about pee pee and poo poo. Easy way to do this,  demonstrate! I was spared from this step, Papa was able to provide visual reference for both boys.
  5. Shed the diaper. Some like underware, or some go bare-bottomed. Adjust according to your kid. Note, kids will pee on anything they feel on their bums. This is lie, but sometimes it feels that way.
  6. Offer bathroom breaks every hour. Some will say every 20 mins. Well I just don’t have time for that. Avoid what I did, by asking, “do you need to go to the bathroom?” Their response will always be “no”, and you will always believe them, just keep the mop close.
  7. Wait patiently- because you will be sitting on that floor waiting and they will smile and you will ask “did you go pee pee?“,  they will say, “yes!” like they did, but they lied. They didn’t do anything.
  8. When they finally do the duty, C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E. Some buy skittles and keep them in the bathroom. I give dark cacao. Sometimes this step works in reverse too. I once bribed Ezra to go to the bathroom for dark chocolate cacao, only for him to go sit on the potty and let out a tiny drop to get his prize. #genius
  9. Be patient, and repeat all the previous steps, because getting your kid to go once doesn’t mean his rhythm is established. For all you know that could of been an anomaly. But don’t lose hope!
  10. Hygiene, teach them to finish with washing hands. Luckily the potty we bought, doubles as a stool, freaken beautiful and worth every penny. My kids sing their abc’s/twinkle twinkle little stars to measure time scrubbing.  It will be funny seeing how they handle the correlation as adults later in life.
  11. Test. Some parents like to test the efficacy of their training and leave the house for an hour or two.  Over achievers, good luck with that!

Overall, potty training can be emotional. How your child responds to the training will depend on your patience and reactions. Ok that’s a lie, some kids are just not going to go when you want them to go.  Forget what Freud said, If you shame them a little sometimes that works too. Get your kids use to your personality now, but all jokes aside do your best to harbor an environment that they thrive in!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional. This is for fun. I have however had to sit my buttocks on the cold tile floor for hours waiting for little bums to make music. If you are needing further research, research.

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